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Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor

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I am from Barcelona (Spain). I moved to Hungary a month ago and nowadays I start enjoying Györ. I have a 4 years bachelor degree in Sciences of Physical Activities and Sports and two Comprehensive Teacher training of Pilates. But, what I really love is Yoga. When I finished the University I decided to focus in Health and Rehabilitation. It was when I went to Austria to study Pilates. Although I had already tried the Yoga, was in Vienna when I first attended an Ashtanga class.. I fell in love with this style of yoga from the first moment. And decided to study it in Barcelona at Yoga Inbound School few years ago. Since then, I lived and taught Pilates and Yoga in cities like Vancouver (Canada), London (United Kingdom) and Barcelona. And I like to keep learning yoga. So, I try to assist to a workshops every year to keep motivated. My favourite one was with Mark Robberts in Mallorca two summers ago.
Now i am very excited to start in Györ... ;)


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